• Little Flower School, Jyoti Nagar, Lal Tikra, Balangir, Odisha - 767002


Our Vision:

LFS has a vision to endeavour towards creating, maintaining and accomplishing an environment which generates genuine love for learning and develops suitable human resources for the holistic development of the society. The school prides itself on providing value-based education with a child-centered approach to develop the intellectual, physical, psychological, cultural, moral and spiritual faculties of all its pupils.

The school stands by its Mission:

  • to create, develop and ensure the growth of individuals of character, integrity and patriotism.
  • to attain the highest academic standards amongst – its com peers.
  • to motivate its students to be unselfish in the service of their fellow beings.
  • to ensure its students make their mark as agents and instruments of necessary change.
  • to train the students to be uncompromising on moral principles and courageous in action.
  • to make its students value and judiciously use their freedoms and liberties.
  • to help children grow to become spiritually oriented individuals of mature taste and judgement.
  • to inspire them to strive continuously in pursuit of excellence in every field of human endeavour.
  • to train them to think critically, independently and fearlessly.
  • to sensitize them to feel and care for others.
  • to encourage them to be sensitive to the beauty of Nature and appreciative of art and heritage.
  • to enable them to apply their knowledge, information and intelligence to the life they live and to the society in which they live.
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