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"Educate to set free"

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Little Flower School

St. Rosa Venerini, the Foundress of our Congregation started a school for the poor in a small town of Italy called Viterbo on the 30th of August 1685.

In the school she inculcated the truths of the faith together with reading and writing as well as feminine tasks into the children. The purpose was to prepare the girls who would be able to guide their own families in the future and become the constructive members of the society. Moved by the spirit of the Foundress, the sisters now work in different countries of the world promoting education in the development of the pupil. In India we opened our first school in Kerala in the year 1974.

Little Flower School, Jyoti Nagar, Lalthikara is a Minority Community Institution run and managed by Venerini Educational Society (Venerini Sisters), a registered body under the Registration Act XXI of 1860; whose charisma is “Educate to set free”. We are engaged in various activities such as imparting education, village development programmes, caring for the lepers and the blind etc. all aims at the betterment of the society.

Little Flower School, Jyotinagar was born in Bolangir on the 4 th of July 1988 in the premises of Good Shepherd Church with the motto ‘Planted to bloom’. It had a humble beginning in a small building of the Church under the guidance of Fr. Richard Vaz and Sr. Celin MPV with a strength of only 35 students in L.K.G. By the Blessings of the Almighty it had a steady growth of seven years in the same compound. As the strength of the school increased with the passage of time the place became inadequate to cater to the needs of the students and hence the management purchased its own land 4 k.m. away from its birth place and constructed its own infrastructure with modern facilities conducive to their all round development.

In the year 1994 the school shifted to the new campus Jyotinagar. Now it has a strength of 1200 – plus students from Classes I to X and has 40 well qualified and dedicated teachers on the staff. In the year 1998 the School obtained N.O.C. from the Govt. of Orissa and is affiliated to I.C.S.E. Delhi. The first batch of students of Class Ten took their Board exams in the month of March 2000. Our School has continued to secure cent percent results over the last eight years.

The Little Flower School aims at providing value – based education with a child – centered approach in developing the intellectual, physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural and moral aspects of the pupil.

The child is seen as a precious gift of God and of the parents to the institution and so they are handled with much love, care and concern, sparing no effort to achieve the motto of the school; ‘PLANTED TO BLOOM.’ Students are encouraged to participate in activities that broaden their interests, discover their latent talents and develop the spirit. Consciously or unconsciously students absorb a great deal from these activities along with the subjects they study and in the great examination of life it is those extra assimilations which speak of a school’s worth.

To accomplish this the school endeavors to create an environment which will generate a love of learning, habits of critical thought and accurate expression and the strength of character needed for a life that is socially meaningful. Special efforts both on the part of the school and the parents are therefore required to be made to teach our young students.Along with transacting the school curriculum it also fosters extra-curricular activities such as competitions in sports, debate, discussion, drawing, singing, dancing and other literary activities to bring into lime light the innate capacities of the students. Students are motivated to save their pocket money and donate it to extend their help to the poor and the needy.

The School in its own way aspires to serve the needs of Balangir and tries to mould a new generation who will be an asset to the society. The staff with the co-operation of the parents and students work hard to attain this objective. We go ahead with an assurance that our charisma “Educate to set Free” will make the students bloom where they are planted to serve their motherland in a better and fruitful manner.