School Uniform

                                                    School Uniform
Girls : Navy Blue Box pleat skirt and Navy Blue Red Check
Shirt Blouse, Black shoes [without high heels] and navy blue Socks; Red Ribbon or Hair Band, Navy Blue Blazer [winter]
Boys : Navy Blue pants and Navy Blue Red Check shirt, Black shoes [without high heels] and navy Blue socks, navy blue blazer [winter]


GIRLS  :    Salwar, Kameez [ Navy Blue and Red Check] and Navy Blue Chunni.
Every Friday Std. I to Std. X House colour uniform

Physical Education uniform - Monday 
GIRLS                                      BOYS
White Skirt                         White Pants
White Shirt blouse            White Shirts
White socks                        White socks
White P.E canvas shoes     White P.E. canvas shoes

Class VI -X white Salwar, Kameez
On all working days the students are expected to the school premises in full uniform.

1.    Unconventional hairstyle, any make-up that degrades the uniform of the pupil will not be tolerated.
2.    Boys must have a proper hair cut. Long hair, long nails, chains, use of gels on the hair etc. are not permitted.
3.    Girls shall not wear ornaments and jewellary (other than pair of plain earing-studs of small loops.) like rings, ear- rings, chain, bangles or the use of cosmetics such as lipsticks, naipolish etc
     We will send back your child if he/she is not in a proper uniform (skinny low waist pants, indecent hair-style, colour chappals, long nails, fancy articles etc.